What to Look for when Looking at Property

Here at Cooper Group we have a sound knowledge of council regulations and therefore are the perfect option when looking for a premises for your new clinic. There are certain things that Council will consider when you apply for a non-residential use permit in a residential zone. Understandably they want to keep their town looking a certain way and cause as little disruption to the existing residents as possible. For example, if you were to apply to open a medical clinic in between two existing residential houses chances are these residents are going to start up a petition and council unfortunately do not have to support your case. This is due to the residents and council not wanting things such as additional cars parked on the street throughout the day. By taking just a few things into consideration when looking at properties you are less likely to face disappointment. Below are a few things to look at when looking at properties: Location, sites that are located on a corner block facing a main road are more likely to be given consideration Accessibility, is the site you are looking at walking distance to public transport? This can also affect the number of car spaces you need to include on your site as it is assumed a certain percentage will not drive and therefore will not require as many car spaces Where possible it is advised to find a property that has already been approved for non-residential Of course there are many other considerations that need to be taken into account but arming yourself with the correct information before looking at potential properties will save you time and money. With an in house tenancy finder service we can assist you with all aspects of finding you the perfect property!

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