Why Questions are Important to us

When speaking with potential clients we are sometimes forced to ask the hard questions no one really wants to answer in an initial discussion……’What is your budget?’ and ‘Who are we competing with?’ These questions are usually met with a pause and generally the question, why do you need to know that? Which is completely understandable. Believe us we are not asking this to be nosey, quite the opposite! Basically we need certain information so we know where we sit from the get go and don’t waste anyones time. So why is it so important that we ask you these questions straight up? Something such as budget is a very important factor to consider when speaking with any fit out company as not only does it give us a starting point on which products we can put forward to you for consideration but it can also help to raise red flags to any items that may have not been considered such as air conditioning, electrical and plumbing which can be an unwelcome cost if unforeseen works are needed. When it comes to wanting to know who we are competing with it is pretty simple. We have been in this business long enough to know who is worth pricing against and who isn’t. Although we pride ourselves on being upfront with costing and like to complete our projects with minimal variations along the way we know that not everyone works like this and will come in at a much cheaper price initially which of course usually lands them the job. Questions from the clients side are also welcome, and encouraged! When dealing with multiple fit out companies it is important to get as much information about them as possible. Ask to see previous projects, 99% of the time site visits can be organised as long as we can give enough notice to previous clients, ask to see licenses and qualifications and speak to references. It is just as important for you to feel comfortable with us as it is for us to feel comfortable working with you.

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