The Writing is Literally on the Wall

With collaborative brainstorming becoming more and more popular within offices these days we are getting quite a few requests for alternatives to old clunky whiteboards that have to be wheeled around. 

3 options to consider are: 

Frameless Glass – A panel of frameless glass can be installed using subtle wall brackets to create a writing surface which is practically invisible when clean 

Film –   Whiteboard film is a fantastic option if you don’t want something that is going to be permanently stuck to the wall. Whiteboard film can be easily applied and is easy removed. This also gives you the opportunity to make your whiteboard as big or as small as you need it. 

Paint – Yes paint! Dulux have a clear coat on the market that allows you to write directly onto walls and wipe off again just like a whiteboard. This means you do not have to change the look of your existing walls in any way and this top coat can be applied over any base colour you like.

Collaborative brainstorming whether it is in an office or medical environment is very beneficial to staff productivity and motivation and as you can see is very easily achieved without having to create a specific space for your ideas.

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