The Benefits of the Hot Desk

The concept of hot desking is not a new one. The idea has been around for years and since the 80’s and 90’s when it was at it’s most popular is slowly coming more commonplace within todays office environments. So first here’s a little bit of trivia for you, the word hot desking actually comes from the word ‘hot racking’ which was a term used by naval officers. They would share their bunk beds in shifts in order to keep them warm. Lucky for you we are not saying you need to keep your co-workers seats warm while they are in meetings or on their lunch break! So what does hot desking in this day and age mean? Simply put, hot desking means not having one dedicated desk and gives staff the chance to move around every day. The benefits of hot desking are huge within industries that have large sales or marketing teams that are on the road 80% of the time. It can cut costs on office space by no longer needing double the amount of desks that are only being used by the same person for a small percentage of the week. It also promotes de-cluttering which can make you small office seem much bigger without over crowded desks due to staff having to take their personal items with them at the end of each day. As well as cost cutting the concept of hot desking also promotes staff interaction and networking by giving each individual a different neighbour each day. This gives all staff members of different levels the chance to discuss what they might be working on and pick each others brains as well as developing stronger inter-office relationships with co-workers. Of course there will be times in which certain teams need to work together which is when bringing in collaborative spaces set up with power and data can also be of great benefit. By mixing things up in the office you keep your staff interested and communicating, one of the most important things when running a successful business.

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